Classic Car show featuring classic cars insured by Farmers Insurance in Franklin, TN

Protect Your Classic Car

Get classic car insurance in the Franklin, TN Area

If you own an antique car or classic car, you probably don't drive it on a regular basis. You take it out for a spin on a nice spring day or when the mood strikes. Farmers Insurance - Edward Reisinger offers classic car insurance in Franklin, Tennessee and the surrounding areas.

We offer Hagerty Insurance to cover your classic car. Hagerty has what you want when it comes to antique car insurance, including:

  • Flexible usage with no fixed mileage limits
  • Low rates because you don't drive daily
  • Guaranteed Value coverage to protect your car's value
A Hagerty adjuster can help you track down the parts you need. Contact Farmers Insurance - Edward Reisinger today for collector car insurance in Franklin, TN.

Classic Car Insurance

We'll find a plan for your vintage vehicle

It's not just cars that Hagerty is able to cover. Talk to Farmers Insurance - Edward Reisinger about comprehensive coverage for your classic boat, vintage motorcycle, race car or tractor. We understand your passion for your vehicle and will help you find the right classic car insurance.

Call 615-771-7709 today to learn more about collector car insurance in Franklin, TN.